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Belinda (05/2017)

Belinda was rescued from our neighborhood stray cat clan. We saw she had bad eye infections and took her immediately to the vet. He said her eyes could not be saved and therefore we took her right in. She was given anti-biotics and her eyes basically dissolved and she is otherwise in perfect health. She is very smart and knows all the spots in the house despite not being able to see. Her fur is also like silk with a long haired tail. Belinda was living in the Founder's home as a foster and in June 2018 she was adopted (together with another rescued kitty, Paros) abroad.

We were so happy to receive following lines and photos from Kathleen who adopted Belinda and Paros:

" Belinda and Paros are doing fine. Paros is walking around, exploring the bedrooms while I have Belinda with me. I took her downstairs yesterday evening but she wasn’t a big fan of that. Although she explored everything, after 20 minutes she has had enough. I took her back up, they ate a little bit and slept on the bed with my son. They didn’t miauw once ..... "





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