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Oliver (04/2023), Male

I was born in an abandoned lot with my siblings but sadly none of them survived. After getting rescued by a lovely lady who took me to the veterinarian and did all necessary tests and treatments I was finally able to came to live at the LBS shelter and start my life as an indoor kitten. Unfortunately, my one eye couldn’t be saved and the vet had to remove it but the operation hasn’t affected me at all! 

I am s super friendly kitten who always play and hang out with my roommate Alexandra! I am super friendly with humans and love to be around people enjoying their company. I am not shy but will sniff you for 5 minutes and then ask for strokes and cuddles.

I don’t get scared by loud noises or fast unexpected movements but sometimes when someone opens the door and enters the room if I haven’t noticed I can get a bit spooked. I adapted immediately to living at the cat sanctuary and it feels like I have been here for ages!

I am very playful and can enjoy playtime for hours! I sometimes play on my own but adore to chase my loving friend and roommate Alexandra around! We can go on and play with our toys for hours and don’t get tired. My favorite toy is a spiral ball toy!

I have grown a very strong attachment with Alexandra and I love to snuggle on the bed with her. I am also curious, explorative and my favorite place to hang out is the top of high scratching post looking outside the window. I wouldn’t call myself greedy but I love wet food! I am in general a well behaved, sweet, gentle and affectionate young boy. I love belly rubs and cuddles. Strokes around my neck and ear area are my top favorite!!

I will jump on the bed as soon as you enter the room I am staying at seeking for love! What makes me special is my extremely loud purr and my extra soft and shiny fur. Even though I am missing my right eye, I run around, climb  and chase Alexandra like all other kitties would! I am very lovable, just plain sweet and have never shown any sign of jealousy.

I like to know what is going on around me and be involved in everything. Even though I could live alone I would prefer to get adopted with Alexandra so we can enjoy each other’s company! A little secret: at nights we go a bit wild and crazy! We chase each other and play with everything that exists in our room making people laugh very hard!

I can also be calm as a cat but I am always aware of everything. I am smart, loving and would be a great addition to anyone’s family!

Oliver was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in February 2024.

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