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Strawberry (06/2021), Female 

Hello! I am Strawberry. Together with my sisters Raspberry and Strawberry (who knows how we got these names), we are known as Berry kittens and we are really a little bunch of joy. We were rescued from being stray cats and I am very grateful for that. I am little bit timid and the world out there was just too big and too scary for me.


I am still a little bit shy, but I think I am gaining more confidence day by day. I do not hide anymore as much and I love to spend time with other kitties outside of my hiding spot. It is so much more fun. Even being around humans is much easier and when they stay still, I often come closer and check them out. When they manage to catch me, I don’t understand why, but my body starts to purr. I guess, I will get used to them soon.


I really like cat dens and especially cat trees, where I found a really good vantage points to observe surroundings. When I am tired I just doze off on the spot where I am.


I am quite close to my sisters, but most of the time I am a unit on my own. I don’ t like to be alone though and I am careful that I am not too far from other kitties. I am really good at playing all kinds of games and with all kinds of toys and I really enjoy watching TV. I found out that there are birds in that big shiny box, but I don’t know why I cannot touch them and catch them. I will figure it out though, don’t you worry.


I really would love to find my own forever home, preferably with other feline friend, so I won’t be alone. I am an amazing little lady and I am sure you would fell in love with me at the first sight.

Strawberry was adopted abroad and she travelled in January 2022 to her forever home.

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