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Ente (04/2021), Male

My name is Ente and I’m the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet! I was found by myself on the streets in a terrible condition. I only had one eye and it was infected and looked awful. A lady found me and started treatment, but she had to leave Greece so I came to LBS shelter!

I’m a little cutie. I am blind but you wouldn’t notice. I’m confident and love to climb up and down stairs and explore new things!

Attention is the best and I love cuddles. I will sit on your lap, wherever you are, and give you kisses and cuddles. Usually humans stop what they’re doing to cuddle me, but if they don’t I’ll gently paw them until they do. Playtime is cool, I love toys that make a noise so I can chase them!

My favourite thing is the softest blanket in the house, I will find the coziest spot and snuggle up for nap time.

Ente was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in November 2021.

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