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Apollo (01/2023), Male

I was found in a rural area of Greece, along with my sister, in an area where many puppies were dumped. My mom was a hunting dog, and unfortunately after I was born, the hunter didn’t need any more dogs. And that’s how I found myself in this predicament.


Some caring people would stop by and leave food and water on occasion. But very sadly, one came and left poison which tragically ended the lives of half of my friends. I was found there with eight other puppies, trying to survive; but very afraid. Imagine my surprise when one day a group of volunteers found us, they gave us so much love and food and water, we were all so happy. And things only got better when all of us were taken to safety.


Three of us were chosen to go to a shelter a few hours away. It’s so nice here, and we have plenty of food and clean water, and lots of nice people to play with us every day!

Just one look at me, and you can understand my character! My sweet, trusting, eyes, my beautiful markings, and my heart which I wear on my nose, let you know that I just want cuddles and love. They named me Apollo after the sun god because I  brighten up any place I go. And just like the sun, my presence in your life will warm your heart.

Apollo was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in June 2023.

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