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Moontje Simon (02/2022), Male

Hello, my name is Moontje Simon! I was brought to the Let's be S.M.A.R.T. foster home on 7th May 2022. I was found by a family with 4 children in Palaia Fokaia, in the Southern Attika region. They found me in the bush, screaming for my mum who didn´t come back. The family decided to give me a new home as soon as I grow up a bit, so for the moment I'm being take care of by the foster home mums. I'm a kitten, so it goes without saying that I'm very sweet and cute! I looove attention from humans!! I talk a lot, especially when I want love, attention and cuddles. 

Moontje was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in September 2022.

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