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Daisy (04/2021), Female

Hi my name is Daisy! My siblings and I were living on the streets very close to a busy main road. A lady was feeding us every day and gained our trust so she could take us to safety. We spent some time at the vets before coming to the LBS sanctuary. I’m so happy we are safe now.

Daisy the explorer should be my name! I love to investigate new things and see what treasures I can find. Bugs are the best treasure you could ever ask for, I’m great at catching them! Sometimes I eat them, but shh don’t tell anyone!

I like time to adjust to my surrounding before I get into full explorer mode. Just so I can figure out what’s best to see first. Humans are good companions, but I also like to investigate them before I decide to trust them. Once you have gained my trust, there’s no going back we are bonded for life! I like to sit up high and watch the world go by, if you have a secure and enclosed balcony or garden that would be amazing. I like to feel the wind in my fur and the sun on my skin.

I like other cats so a home with a kitty friend would be perfect. An owner who is home more often than not would be great too so I have someone to bond and cuddle with. I’m a playful little lady so expect cuddle time to have a few nibbly fingers in there!

Daisy was adopted locally in November 2022.

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