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Bella (06/2016), Female 

Hello everybody, my name is Bella. I used to be a stray cat for many years. I used to come to one feeding station of a nice lady who fed us strays on a daily basis. When I got really sick that I could barely walk, she took me to the veterinary clinic where they treated my ears.


I am deaf and half blind. I don’t remember what exactly happened to me, but with this condition, I wouldn’t survive for too long on the street. So, the kind lady found me a temporary home in Let’s Be S.M.A.R.T. Foster Home with the hope, that one day, I might find my own forever home where everybody will love me the way I am.


I am still going through some treatments, but hopefully I will feel much better soon. I will probably turn with my head more than any other cat, it is because of my ears, but I don’t mind. I am one extraordinary cat and I am strong, just look at me, still here after so much pain the life threw at me.


I am a very happy cat now.  I can choose from lots of soft pillows and blankets and I am extremely grateful for that.  I cannot jump or climb much due to my impaired balance, but I don’t mind to be on the ground. I don’ t like to be alone. Sometimes when I wake up from a deep sleep, I get confused and cry until I see somebody familiar. After that I will calm down and the world is good again. I like being stroked and cuddled, I just don’t like being lifted or carried, my bad balance makes me all dizzy and I am very afraid. Did I mention that I like to talk? Yes, sometimes you can have the whole conversation with me.


At the beginning, I didn’t know much about playing, but after I gained more confidence and when I started to explore my environment in the foster home, I observed little kittens playing. Guess what! I loooove to play, especially kicker and plush toys are my favorite, but I don’t mind to play with rattle balls or little mice. I like to hide in cat tunnels and just chill out and observe the surroundings from the cardboard scratching pads is nice as well. Did you mention watching TV? YES! I am hooked. I absolutely adore watching birds on YouTube channel, it is so much fun. You see? I am really curious feline.


All I wish for is my own forever home. I will really thrive in more calm environment where humans would be patient with me, pay attention to me and love me. I am very grateful cat and I am sure I would bring you lots of wonderful moments and brighten you lives with my unconditional love. 

Bella was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in December 2021.

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