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Slash (04/2023), Male

Good day everyone! My name is Slash and I would like to introduce myself to you! I was roaming around a feeding station with my mom but I started feeling weak and after my mom disappeared for a whole day I thought I was left all alone in this world.  I was very lucky though as a kind lady rescued me and removed me from the area.

I was suddenly taken at a strange place where people wore weird clothes and had lots of other animals as well. My rescuer reassured me that she wouldn’t leave me there and they would only do some tests to me so after waiting patiently to get it over with I was placed to a lovely place where I have available food and fresh water all the time and soft blankets and beds to snuggle. Even though I was very cautious in the beginning I am much calmer now as I have adjusted to the new environment and the people there. I enjoy the feeling of being safe and sound and already started enjoying cuddles and pets. I am quite a relaxed kitten and not a super active like most kittens are! Even if another kitty is acting a bit hostile towards me I don’t really care and continue on the same chill vibe!!

I haven’t started to play much with toys yet but I am still adjusting so probably many things will change in the near future.

I am very grateful to be saved and look forward to get adopted and have my own unique lovely family to grow with.

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