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Slash (04/2023), Male

Good day everyone! My name is Slash and I would like to introduce myself to you! I was roaming around a feeding station with my mom but I started feeling weak and after my mom disappeared for a whole day I thought I was left all alone in this world.  I was very lucky though as a kind lady rescued me and removed me from the area.

I was suddenly taken at a strange place where people wore weird clothes and had lots of other animals as well. My rescuer reassured me that she wouldn’t leave me there and they would only do some tests to me so after waiting patiently to get it over with I was placed to a lovely place where I have available food and fresh water all the time and soft blankets and beds to snuggle.


 Even though I was very cautious in the beginning I am calm now and I have adjusted to the environment, the people and all the kitties at the house. I enjoy living indoors and I have made lots of friends. I am still young and have a lot of growing to do but I am the sweetest boy who could get adopted in any household. I would fit everywhere. I enjoy playtime with other fellows but I am a quiet and relaxed kitten compared to others, you could definitely say I am a gentleman. I generally have a chill vibe and a distinctive presence in the house.

I enjoys being petted and like cuddles! I absolutely adore my breakfast meal and I am considered to be a fast eater! I am very grateful to be rescued and look forward to get adopted and have my own unique lovely family to grow with.

Slash was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in January 2024.

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