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Bullet (08/2014), Male

Hello my name is Bullet and I am an amazing very sweet cat but need time to get to know someone and to adjust to new surroundings and people. Once I feel safe though I turn into a small kitten, purr and enjoy all the affection a human can give me! I am also incredible handsome as you can see and the colouring of my eyes are very unique as I have one green and one blue!!!

I am an easy going, calm cat in general. I enjoy my time alone and I like to have my own space as well. I don’t get bother by other cats but someone can easily understand I am on the top of the list regarding kings in the house! I like to sleep on the bed and on high areas, scratching posts and shelves people have around the house on the walls. When I don’t like something i will hiss but will never attack, I will rather just leave the area and go somewhere else. I really love to be outdoors on the terrace, as I have been used to fresh air and sun.


I am the kind of cat that will blossom up in the right house with people that will give me the time I need, be patient and show me affection and love in the right for me way, slowly and calmly.

Bullet was sponsored by Teresa R. (Germany) 💗🐾

Microchip registration number:


Bullet was adopted by our team member in March 2023. 

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