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Lilly (09/2021), Female

Hello there, I was a stray kitty until recently but I am looking for my forever human now to enjoy long time cuddles with!! Before coming to LBS shelter I was living on the pedestrian street of a school in Pireaus, with another cat.   All my brothers and sisters were either hit by cars or were found dead. There was also a women in the area who didn’t like stray cats and were against people feeding us.

I am very friendly and would always follow the lady who was taking care of me into the school. After disappearing for a few days I showed up with a tilted head and after vet consultation I was diagnosed with an ear infection. I received all necessary treatments but unfortunately my tilt did not go away.

The kind lady who rescued me took me home for a few days but since she has two dogs who don’t get along with kitties she couldn’t keep me. The doggies were not behaving very nicely to me! She posted on different groups and tried really hard to find me the appropriate home but with no luck. After two unsuccessful attempts to get adopted here I am looking for a friend to love me deeply and with all his heart.

I am very friendly towards people and other cats but I also enjoy spending time on my own as well! I am confident and like hanging out alone! Sometimes I can be a bit scared when you first approach me but love cuddles once I am picked up! I am social but need to do some sniffing first before letting my guards down and trust humans to the fullest. Having a hiding spot makes me feel more comfortable and secure! I am playful and love playing whether that means playing alone with various toys or playing with other of my kind!

I love sleeping outside at the netted balconies where I can feel the fresh breeze! I also like laying on the top of the cat houses! I have a big appetite and love all kinds of food! I am a very sweet lady who likes to cuddle with my face hidden, be cradled whilst wrapped up in a blanket. People say I am a true lady who loves cuddle time and enjoy all the affection I can get once I feel comfortable. The cutest of it all is my sweet tilted head!

I only recently arrived at the cat sanctuary but I can’t wait to get a permanent home and look forward to creating beautiful memories with my forever family!

Lilly was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in January 2024.

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