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Ria(03/2018), Female

Hello world, my name is Ria and I am a very pretty long haired, fluffy lady! While living outside I used to go for walks with a neighbor of LBS and her dog almost every day so I am absolutely fine with dogs, I might even prefer dogs over cats if I am truly honest, so a house with a doggy friend would be great for me!

I was found in January 2022 by the Founder of our organization with my legs, tail and part of my belly totally covered with a toxic cement. Sadly I feel into a construction pit. They took me straight to the vets so they could start the treatment. The process was not easy as the lime managed to partially burn my skin pretty badly. The vets first sedated and shaved me and I had to stay at the clinic for 2 days in order to get the proper care I needed. They took me back from the clinic after two days and continued the treatment the vets suggested. Unfortunately, I had to wear an Elizabethan collar to avoid licking my wounds, they also gave me baths every day with soothing shampoo to help my irritated skin and I was also on antibiotics. Even though I was suffering, I was easy going and helped them to do what was necessary to help me heal quicker. I had to go back to the clinic every few days so the vets could examine me and see my progress. After 3 weeks of medical care I was finally well enough so they could remove the cone, stop the medication and the baths! My fur is slowly starting to grow back and I hope soon I will be the longhaired fluffy lady again!


I love to spend time outdoors on the terrace, so access to an outdoor space would make me happy as well! I like to sleep under the heater and I am in general a bed bug! I love to spend time and sleep on soft blankets and pillows but the bed is my favorite spot at the moment! When I am in the mood I will go to humans seeking for cuddles and attention and also love bite them! I like to be stroked and petted but usually on my terms! If someone approach me suddenly I might get scared, leave my spot or even hide!


I am a very big fan of wet food and will ask for it! All the kitty family at foster home gets wet food in the morning so I am familiar with the routine and wait for my bowl behind the kitchen door while it gets prepared! I accept the other kitties in the house but I can be bothered by the kittens sometime and be a bit mean towards them, I don’t get bothered by the adults at all though! I don’t really play a lot but I am still adjusting to the new environment so I still need sometime until I totally let my guards down.


As mentioned before I like to spend time outdoors on our terrace, but people haven’t allowed me out there on my own yet as they are scared I might try to escape. I enjoy watching TV especially when birds are being played on Youtube! I would be very good with a calmer family and older children because I still need some time but I have heard that the humans believe I will quickly get adjusted to the changes in my life and then will blossom up! I am very sweet and nobody can resist to my cute round face and not approach me for cuddles!

I really would like to find a place to call home, where I can feel safe, happy, wanted and most importantly – loved and cared for.

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Ria was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in April 2022.

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