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Valkyrie (04/2021), Female

Hey my name is Valkyrie! There was a huge wildfire in Greece not too long ago, and my siblings and I were found by the team of rescuers close to the fire. We were covered in ash and soot, our whiskers had been burnt off and our toe beans were burnt too. It really hurt. We are so lucky we were rescued and taken to safety. The first thing LBS did was give us a bath, and the water came off black! We were so dirty, I’m so happy to be clean and safe.

Apparently I am the crazy sibling! I don’t see it, but I do think I have more energy than the others. I just really love to climb and jump and play all day every day! Exploring is so much fun too, I love to investigate all the new things! Sitting on human’s shoulders is really fun, most of them have hair which is great to play with. Also when I eat their hair they always get another toy for me to play with, so it’s a win win situation! I’m super cuddly, I’ll always want to be with you or on you. Anywhere near you is cool, as long as you’re paying me attention. I have a very cute little purr so you gotta cuddle me to hear it. When I’ve tired myself out I am such a sweet little lady.

I’m only a baby so have a lot of growing to do! Stick around to find out how my personality develops as I grow older!

Valkyrie was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in September 2021. 

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