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Blake (08/2023), Male

Hello everyone!! I am a lovely black kitty named Blake and I am looking for a forever family!! 

I was found roaming around alone on the streets, following an old lady searching for some food to ease my hungry belly. Despite running behind her and meowing for attention, the lady got very annoyed, turned around and kicked me... Fortunately a kind lady, which I found out later on was one of the shelter managers of an animal welfare organization, witnessed the incident and rushed to help me and reprimanded the old lady. Once in her arms, I curled up as if I had known the kind lady forever. Therefore, it was decided I was about to become a member of the LBS family. How lucky? 

I am a very sweet kitten who despite experiencing human cruelty, immediately trusts the right people and enjoy being petted. I will approach you several times during the day to be stroked and when you stop petting me I will start screaming and ask for more, I am insatiable!

I am a bit shy with other cats, but I am gradually making friends. I have a great relationship with humans, though I may be a bit hesitant with new visitors initially. Once I feel secure, I will come into your arms. I enjoy sleeping on tall cat trees, hiding under blankets, and exploring the place.

I love playing with all kinds of toys, but when I get bored, all I want is to cuddle in your arms, keeping you company in everything you do. I love good food so much that I might try to steal something from your plate, and I will forever adore you if you give me treats and wet food – something I missed as a stray on the streets. I am a very emotional and sensitive kitten. I would love to sleep with you in bed, I will constantly seek your company, and enjoy your affection. I am a very tender boy, and you can have me in your arms all the time. If you decide to adopt me, remember you'll have the best furry friend!

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