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Marko (4/2022), Male 

Hey I’m Marko! I was found abandoned in a cardboard box on the side of the road with my siblings. We were starving, dirty, covered in fleas and so scared. We were so lucky to be found, and we made sure the humans knew how much we loved them for saving us! After flea and worming treatment and a health check we were taken to the shelter. Luckily we were healthy, other than being skinny and super hungry.  

I’m a cheeky little chap! I have the sweetest meow, you’ll hear it most often when I’m hungry! Which is a lot, I’m a growing boy so I need lots of food to make sure I become big and strong.

Really I’m a sweetheart though, I can be needy and want a lot of attention! I like to be close to you all the time, if you’re doing something I want to be helping! I promise I’m a great little helper, I am very enthusiastic and not afraid to get dirty.

I love snuggles, I will tuck myself into your arms and purr the night away. I’ll rub my little face on yours to tell you how much I love you. You’ll never experience a love like it.

As I’m a kitten I do have a lot of energy, so I need a home where I can play, explore and be a crazy kitten at times!

I don’t like to be alone, so I need a home with one of my siblings. We’re always together, so would love to stay together forever!   

Microchip registration number:


Marko was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in February 2023.

Photo gallery - Marko

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