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Billy (01/2014), Male

Hi, my name is Billy!

Everyone knows me around here, I lived in the local town for many years, I’m a regular. The nice volunteers at LBS always used to feed and cuddle me when they were in town. I grew to really love them. Slowly they noticed I was looking worse, my hair was super matted. They would sit with me and try and groom me whilst giving me tasty food. As time went on I got worse so they decided to take me in.  

I’ll never be able to explain how happy I am to be indoors and safe. I try by purring so loud and so hard, you can hear me from miles away! I’m always smiling too, I have a cute fluffy face and I’m always happy to see you. I love to sleep, I’m the king of sleep! Sofas are the best, beds are even better, anywhere soft and I’m the happiest boy.

I have FIV, but it doesn’t affect me and I won’t let it stop me living my best life! I’m a big boy, after not knowing where my food would come from I love the tasty treats they give me here. I love them so much that I can be greedy, I don’t think I’m fat, I think I’m a chunky monkey.

It took me a little time to realise all humans wanted to give me was love, life was tough on the streets. Now I trust humans I think they are the best, I will give a meow for attention and follow you around. Watching movies together, all snuggled up in a cosy blanket is my favourite.

All I want is a quiet, loving home full of humans I will adore, could that be you?

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Billy is sponsored by our volunteer Patrick (USA)

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