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Orion (07/2022), Male

Hi, my name is Orion! I was found by a group of LBS volunteers while I was living by a busy beach with my siblings. Many of whom met their fate on the busy road nearby. I spent 2 months at a clinic with a sibling who sadly didn’t survive. Now, I am happily living in the kitten room at the shelter with all my new friends.

My name comes from Orion the “great hunter” in Greek mythology. I am a playful and loving young cat. I am adventurous and curious, and I want to explore every centimeter of my surroundings. I am courageous and self-confident when living and playing with other cats, even those that are much bigger than I am.


I am full of energy, and chasing games are my favorite. When I’m sleepy, I will be eager to cuddle with you. You will never feel alone when I’m around. I will always be with you and be ready to entertain you. I have a personality as expansive as the universe, and I will light up your life.

Orion was adopted locally and he went to his forever home in February 2023.

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