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Meli (03/2023), Female

My name is Meli and this is my story so far. I was found by a couple as a stray on the streets. They picked me up, gave me the sweetest name, in Greek means "honey," and brought me to LBS shelter so the team could care for me until I could return to their embrace. They promised me that... however, plans changed, and they never looked for me again. I am a very cheerful little kitten that gets along well with other cats and people.


I am incredibly playful and enjoy playing with anything in front of me. When it comes to food. I am not kidding" I eat my own portion very quickly and then turn my attention to others' food. I love helping the team and volunteers with cleaning and I know exactly what to do! After cleaning the litter boxes I am always the first to test them out!


I am a very special ginger kitty, as most of you know that orange cats are usually males not females. I deserve a beautiful forever home filled with love and a promise that will last forever!

Meli ​was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in November 2023.

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