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Lucy (9/2015)

Lucy came to our feeding station outside one day rubbing up against our legs.  She was skin and bones and would not eat. We immediately took her to the vet to find out the cause. We thought she probably had AIDS or some lethal virus. Much to our surprise, she had 6 dead kittens inside of her and would probably have been dead in a matter of days. She is extremely friendly, back to full health and such a sweetheart.

Lucy was adopted abroad and in March 2018 she was flying to her forever home with her new family.

Here is what her new family wrote to us:

"After arriving home, she almost immediately went out of the bench and started to eat and drink. She knows where to find her litter box and uses it very well ..... After a while we could already cuddle her. She found my older daughter's bed very comfy and took a nap there. Since day one she seems to be at her ease. She even comes on our lap. Lucy has a favourite place here, next to us in the living room. We are very happy to have her here and our daughters too. She is indeed such a lovely cat who is very human oriented. Further more, she is always very calm, even when I vacuum clean the house :-)

Céline G.




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