Haley (04/2020)

Haley was found in Varkiza in a corner of  a busy road. She lived in an abandoned area, playing with leaves and trees all alone. Some of the stray cats that live there were aggressive towards her and she kept hiding under wooden pieces and garbage left there by people. After catching her, a team member took her to the Vet clinic where she was treated with internal and external anti-parasite treatment. The Vet did also fecal tests on her. She was brought to our SMART foster home. She was isolated for a day and then introduced to other cats in the house without any problem. She is with other cats in foster home at this moment.

She is very friendly, gentle and easy going kitten. She loves to be cuddled and petted. She likes to spend time just laying on someone and seeks for attention and love. She plays alone and with other kittens. She doesn’t like loud noises and fast movements but in general is a very cute, loving and  beautiful kitten.

Haley was adopted abroad in August 2020.

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Cuddle time!
Haley and Locky
Haley playing!
Haley and Lewis


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