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Sage (03/2020)

Hi everyone, my name is Sage! Me and my siblings used to live in an abandoned house with our Mum. It was okay, but then the house was demolished and we had nowhere to go. Luckily, Lets Be S.M.A.R.T. took us all in! 

Since living at the shelter I have grown so much in confidence! I love being warm and cosy on a sofa in front of a heater, and I love checking things out by having a good sniff around. I am still nervous for human cuddles (unless you have tasty treats, I’m mad about wet food!). But when I think about how much life here has helped my confidence already, I think if someone has the patience and love to give me I would be a wonderful friend. I have so much love to give!

Sage was adopted abroad in August 2021. 

Sponsored cat.png

Sage was sponsored by D. L. (France)

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