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Petunia (2015), Female

Hello everyone, my name is Petunia! I was found all alone in Vari, a suburb of Athens by a kind couple who felt sorry to leave me roaming around. They rescued me and took me to a vet clinic nearby. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chip so everything about my past is unknown. LBS organization stepped in to take me from the clinic and try to find me a permanent home.


I am curious about other dogs and have never shown any sign of aggression towards them. I am still adjusting to being around kittens, I am tolerant but will growl if they get too close. I am a bit temperamental when it comes to people and it would be more ideal for me to get adopted in a household without kids.

I am wary of people because I can be overprotective of those caring about,  but she I am very friendly when I get approached in the right way. I can get scared with sudden unexpected movements and loud noises and would thrive in a calm place. I got adjusted around people quiet quickly and adapted to our home after a few days!
I enjoy human company and human interaction as well as cuddles! The only part of my body I don’t like to be touched is my back but nobody knows the reason behind it.

I like laying on the couch next to humans enjoying belly rubs more than anything else! I don’t play yet with toys but maybe I start enjoying playtime at some point. I like to spend time on the balcony especially if I can lay on humans feet! Petunia is also great in the car and doesn’t bother at all.

I am under special diet and eat urinary food because of health concerns and a previous infection, after the vets suggestion. I love to go on big walks and enjoy the nature. I am perfect on the leash and I am used to walk outdoors 4-5 times a day!

I would love to get adopted and have my own place to call home soon. I am so grateful I was rescued and removed from the streets and will show you my forever appreciation if you open your heart to me!


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