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Charlie (04/2024), Male

I am so grateful to be here safe and sound looking for a forever friend! I will quickly say a few worlds about me and if you fall in love with me in the meantime please fill in the adoption application for me!! You will make me very happy. First things first, my name is Charlie and I was recently rescued to safety after being stuck in a car engine. Luckily a human managed to save me!

I am a very sociable kitten and I am super friendly towards people and other felines! I am not a shy baby but can get scared by loud unexpected sounds. I love playtime and playdates and enjoy playing with different types of toys!

I love having friends around me and creating beautiful memories with others of my kind, it’s so nice to have so many friends all unique and special. I don’t really care for food but will be extremely grateful to have a soft fluffy bed to snuggle in. Human beds are the coziest place to lay and relax. I like cuddles and pets but on my own terms! If I want attention I will come up to you and make it perfectly clear by rubbing my cute little body against you. 

As a typical cat I like higher levels and the funniest thing about me is my addiction to chasing other cat tails!! It’s so fun!!


I am under eye drop treatment for my left eye at the moment but other than that I am a sweet boy ready to conquer the world!!

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