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Handsome (03/2015), Male 

My name is Handsome and this is my background story! I was found past April in a very bad condition. I was very underweight, had a big abscess on my leg, had jaundice, was going into sepsis and was generally very very ill. The lady that found me managed to get me seen by a vet at the Greek Animal Welfare Society in Koropi and to get me admitted to their hospital so I could stabilize. Since then, I am doing much better and though all the aforementioned problems have been resolved, I now have an issue with my kidneys which means I need to be on a special diet. The initial plan was to nurse me back to heath, have me sterilized and returned to the area I used to live. However, because of my kidneys issue my rescuer decided to seek out for help asking LBS to take over as she didn’t want to let me out again!! I am tested positive for FIV but I am so extremely affectionate and sweet my condition shouldn’t be any problem if someone wants to adopt me and offer me a loving home. I deserve to spend my golden years in nice home with a loving parent to take care of me.


I am very friendly with other cats but can sometimes get jealous. I haven’t been used to affection and cuddles so I want it all for me now! I love strokes and cuddles are my favorite thing! I genuinely love humans and I don’t get timid or scared when meeting new people! I don’t get scared of loud noises but the hoover annoys me from time to time so I will just change my spot and go hang out somewhere else!

Although I lives outside for so many years I quickly adapted to being indoors and enjoy the safety. I love to play as well and it doesn’t matter if I play alone or with other babies, I just love toys! My favorite place to sleep is on the bed of course and even though I enjoy spending some time on the netted balconies, the bed is far more awesome! This life is such a luxury for me! I can only eat special food due to my kidney issue but love the wet renal! I adore head scratches and spending some time cuddling me is very full filling!


I will rub myself on you and absolutely love all the attention you can give me.


I am very vocal and when I want something I will communicate I to you so you will always understand me.

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Handsome is sponsored by Amalia (Greece)

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