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Wally (04/2021), Male

Hi, I’m Wally. I was found at only a few days old in a plastic bag in a garbage bin with my two siblings. We were so weak, sadly my siblings didn’t make it. I am so lucky to have made it, LBS took me in when I was a week old and gave me so much care to make me big and strong.


I am one of the sweetest little boys you’ll ever meet. I have a special little soul and I am full of love. I am also a crazy boy who will run and play forever and ever and ever! Chasing balls in my favourite, I have a pompom that is mine and only mine. I carry it around with me and keep it hidden in my bed until playtime. I like watching birds on TV and talking to them too, I like to think they understand me! 

Cuddles are top of my list though, if there is a human around I will be the first one to introduce myself and snuggle into them. I love watching TV with my humans, we snuggle and relax together, it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. I also love to sleep in the bed with you and cuddle your face all night long! I’m a very confident boy, not much scares me! Curiosity should be my middle name as I’m always trying to find something new to investigate.

I’m a happy little man who can’t wait to share my happiness with my family.  

Wally was adopted abroad and in August 2021 he travelled to his forever home.

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