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Mikrovio (04/2021), Female

Hello everyone my name is Mikrovio and I would like to introduce myself while telling you my story!!I was found all alone as a very young kitten by a couple who thankfully rescued and removed me from the streets. At the same time back at the couple’s house Jellybean (a lovely young mom) was raising her babies. My life might have started difficult but I got very lucky when Jellybean, took me under her care and loved me as I was one of her own babies. I am forever grateful! Unfortunately, due to some personal circumstances the humans we lived with had to leave our home meaning we were left alone in the house. A kind lady was visiting our home and offered us food on a daily basis but she couldn’t stay for long. We were all missing the human interaction, the affection and the love we used to get. Our human mon made the decision to bring us to the Let’s be smart shelter so we can get all the live we missed out and find a new family.

I am a very energetic cat that loves to do zoomies around the house. I am tall and thin and constantly on the move. I am very friendly towards people and like booping you with my head aggressively before running away and then coming back to sit on you. I am playful, love running around and playing with toys. Bring me catnip and watch me bounce around the walls!

Because of my childhood, I am slow to make cat friends, but I have a lot of love to give, if you give me the chance. I can’t wait to find my new furever home and meet my new favorite person!


Mikrovio was adopted locally and he travelled to his forever home in May 2023.

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