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Baxter (01/2022), Male

Hello my name is Baxter and I am a very sweet young man! I am very friendly towards all people and cats at the shelter and adjusted very quickly to the new environment!


I love to spend time outdoors! LBS balconies are netted so I can safely spend hours outdoors getting fresh air and sun! I like to lay on higher places and love the shelves that are installed on the wall on the balconies.


I am very affectionate with humans and enjoy cuddles and strokes! I love toys and especially toys that have bells inside! I am very handsome and though being at the shelter a very short period of time I have acclimated a lot! I would love to get adopted and have an outdoor safe space to spend my time during the day!

Baxter was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in November 2022.

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