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Thiseas (05/2021), Male

Hi, my name is Thiseas. I don´t really remember how I managed to trap myself in a car engine near that big scary road, but that´s how I was found. I cried a lot, hoping that my mum or somebody will find me. Luckily, I was discovered by a lady from Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T. team who heard me meowing quietly, but I was just too scared to come out on my own when she called me. I didn´t want to come out even for the food. It took a long time, but with the help of people from nearby community, they managed to find an owner of the car and open the hood above me. Though I was very afraid and exhausted, I was happy that I am finally out from that dark, smelly and dirty place.

I got my name in honour of a great team work of people that were trying to rescue me for hours at a street named Thiseos in Varkiza, Athens. Thiseas is one of the most popular gods in Ancient Greece and having this name I thank all the people that put so much effort that day to save me!


Now I live with a couple of kitten friends in the Let's be S.M.A.R.T. foster home. It´s a lot of fun! I am all settled in and I'm learning, growing and discovering something new every day. I love to play, everything is a great toy for me; blankets, human hands and feet, even small rattle balls. I love to hide or climb things, higher the better and run and chase after my friends. What else could a small kitten want more? Oh yes, food! Wet food! I really like that and I can do nearly anything for some treats.


I am a very beautiful, sweet and sensitive boy who will give you so much joy, all I want in return is a little bit of your attention and care and of course lots of love. At this moment, I just wish I can find that special place that I can call my forever safe and loving home.

Thiseas was adopted abroad and he traveled to his forever home in October 2021.

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