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Lia (2012), Female

Lia is around 10 years old and we do not know what has happened to her in her life. She was found a stray in 2021 and she was in desperate need of help. Lia then went to a local dog rescue who began her treatment before we offered to foster her and provide her with everything she needs until she finds a forever home.

Lia is a very well-behaved dog that will make the perfect addition to any household! In the house, Lia is calm and clean. She will find the comfiest spot in the house and will sleep there all day. Lia is house trained and will politely wait at the door to go outside if she needs the toilet.


On walks, Lia loves to run around and sniff everything! She is great with other dogs, and she even likes cats. She is a very sociable dog that enjoys a nice long adventure. Although she is around 10 years old, she still loves to run!


Lia is calm and placid most of the time, but when she gets excited, she will let you know! She has the cutest little howl and she will run around, howling with happiness, this happens mainly when she is about to be fed… she loves food.


Overall, Lia is a very easy dog to own, and she will definitely brighten up your life. Please consider offering this gorgeous girl the forever home she deserves.

Lia was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in May 2022.

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