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Sylvester (03/2018), Male

Hi I’m Sylvester! I was found by some kind people that would feed a lot of stray cats in their neighourhood, I turned up one day and started getting bullied by the other cats. I was so sweet and gentle with humans so the couple took me in and found me a foster home, but sadly the foster home wasn’t very nice. I wasn’t being treated very well so LBS was asked to take me in, and here I am!

I’m a bit of a shy boy, I need a lot of time and patience to come out of my shell and get to know you. Deep down I am sweet, I have a kind face and lots of love to give. At the moment I still don’t trust humans that much, I had such a bad time in the previous foster home I need lots of time to learn that they are good again. Food is great though! If you have some tasty wet food I will come closer to you and eat, I have even started eating out of hands now!


I like to have my own cozy space to hide in, I keep getting bullied by other cats so I would like to be the only cat, or with a very nice and gentle friend. I am a little cross-eyed which some people think is funny, I would love to find someone who loves me enough to give me a calm environment to come out of my shell in.

Sylvester was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in July 2023.

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Sylvestr was sponsored by  J. W. (UK)

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