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Polaris (11/2013), Male

Hi! My name is Polaris! I already had a family, but my parent got too old to take care of me and I was left on the streets all by myself. Luckily, someone found me just in time and brought me to get help! I got a little bit sick on the streets and have diabetes, which I am handling like a champ, and I am staying at the Let´s be S.M.A.R.T. shelter until I recover.


I am a totally white cat with green eyes and a cute little goatie! I am a pretty big boy with big eyes and cute and big ears!


I can get a little grumpy sometimes when I don’t get enough attention or when people try to play with me when I want to nap but I am a real sweetheart when I’m comfortable! I like cuddles and I enjoy sleeping next to people and I love food! Whenever there is food near me, I will do anything for it! Once I’m done eating though, I love to cuddle up in a comfortable bed and take a nice nap!


I would love to get my own family again! I really love people and I promise I am really nice and easy to take care of! Even though I’m a little sick right now, I sit still and take my medicine whenever needed and I am really looking forward to not needing insulin anymore so I can feel great and continue eating, playing and napping like any other cat!

Polaris was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in May 2023.

Sponsored cat.png

Polaris was sponsored by Yachen G. (Germany)

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