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Lily (08/2020), Female

Hi, my name is Lily! I was a stray living on the streets of a local town, the kind volunteers at LBS would feed me and I was super friendly and loved them. They saw how cute and loving I was so decided to take me in to find a better life.


I’m a cute little lady! It was a hard adjustment for me to get used to living inside, but now I like it, a lot!! I can be a little shy in the beginning, but give me a chance and I will be your best friend. Cats are the best though, I really need a cat friend to give me confidence and show me that everything is okay. I will play the most with a kitty friend, we can chase each other, chase balls together, chase everything together! Head rubs are the best, they really hit the spot. I like to sleep in the bed with you and my kitty friend, mornings are the best for cuddles that’s when I’m super smushy.

Food is great, I could eat all day every day if I was allowed to, I will meow at you if I’m hungry so you know when its dinner time. I can be a little jumpy if you move too fast or there’s a loud noise, but I’m working on it. You know I love you when I let you rub my belly, then you’ll hear my mega purr!

I’m looking for a quiet home with some cat friends, if you give me a chance to open up you won’t regret it!


Lily was adopted abroad and she travelled in January 2022 to her forever home.

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