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Nina (07/2020)

Nina was found by a friend of the shelter with her siblings, they were very young, skinny and needed help if they were going to survive. They were trapped and taken to the vets for treatment before coming to the shelter.

Nina is an entertaining young lady! Having just had one of her eyes removed she is still adjusting to one eye, she is doing great! She loves to run around and play, she loves scratching posts and anything that dangles she will play with! Nina needs a little extra time to get to know a new environment, but when she does she is a very curious little lady. She likes cuddles when she trusts you, so some extra patience is needed to give her the love and care she needs. She is still young so has a lot of energy, she loves to nap with her siblings all tucked up together.

Nina was adopted abroad and in November 2020 she travelled to his forever home.

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