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Mr. Tibbs (03/2021), Male 

Hi my name is Mr Tibbs! I was dumped in a cardboard box by the side of the road with my siblings when we were only young. Luckily a friend of the shelter’s found us and took care of us!

I have lived long enough to know I am my own best friend, but would love to find my forever human and create everlasting bonds. I am the perfect cat for someone who is equally independent and done with people. 


I’m a happy little guy, you’ll always see me trotting around the house with a friend or two looking for mischief. We like to play with anything we can find, sometimes a cardboard box is our favourite thing and other times it’s just a pen we have stolen from the humans!

I love older cats, I like to play with them because it’s so much fun!  I am certainly the most loyal cat in the shelter, when I make friends I keep them and always take care of them. Always accompanied by my faithful companion Petey, but also surrounded daily by all of my other friends to hangout, play and sleep! I am very observant, always perched high above the ground, except when it comes to little treats, in which case I rush to your feet!


Humans are pretty cool too, I’m a greedy boy so I’ll always be your best friend if you have tasty food! The love and cuddles they give me is amazing too, I love to snuggle on the sofa with them and watch TV. We watch birds on the TV together and I like to show off and try and catch them. Helping in the kitchen is a specialty of mine too, I’m a great cook… or so I think!


I love other cats so I need a home with a kitty friend. Once I am settled into a new home I am good with children and all humans!

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Mr. Tibbs is sponsored by Shella (U.S.)

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