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Cappuccino (08/2021), Male

Hi my name is Cappuccino, I was living on the streets with my siblings, we were only kittens and struggling to survive. We were being fed but LBS decided they wanted to take us off the streets to keep us safe from harm. It was very scary in the beginning, we were’t used to being around humans but we are making amazing progress!

I am the most confident of all my siblings, it didn’t take me long to realise humans were super cool and I wanted to spend time with them. I love treats! Any type of food actually, I am a very greedy boy and will eat anything I can get my paws on! I am still young and a growing boy so really I need to eat everything I can so I become big and strong!


I'm very cuddly and love watching TV! I’m a happy boy, I love to play with anything I can find. It’s so much fun when the humans play with me too, we can run around for hours, especially when I get new toys. Presents are my favourite! If you give me one I will give you a present too! When I’m tired I will curl up with you for cuddle time. I’m also getting better at being picked up, my confidence grows every day. I am curious and like to investigate everything new. I am always the first out of my siblings to greet you and ask for cuddles.

I would love a family to call my own, could that be you?

Cappuccino was adopted locally in April 2023.

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