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Belle (03/2021)

Hello my name is Belle. My mom (stray cat) decided to jump on a balcony of an apartment in Athens to give birth to me and my 3 sisters. Unfortunately one of my sisters was very weak and didn’t make it. Our mom nursed us on the balcony and we were all very lucky that the lady, who owned the apartment, was very friendly and fell in love with us. She took care of us, sterilized our mom and released her afterwards! My two sisters quickly found their forever homes with wonderful people. I was the only one left behind and since the lady who took care of us already has pets and couldn’t keep me, I went to stay at the foster home in May 2021 until I find my forever home as well.

Like most kittens I am very energetic and loves to play with all kind of toys! I easily made friends at the foster home, especially my roommate Sequoia. He is also  a kitten same age as me so we enjoy playing together! I am a very sweet girl, like cuddles and adores fluffy blankets and beds (I snuggle in). I am easy with the food and enjoy all my meals. 

Belle was adopted abroad and in June 2021 she travelled to her forever home.

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