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Lilou (06/2013)

Lilou was surrendered to our organization (together with Holly who also lives in our sanctuary) by her owner as they were moving outside the country and could not take Lilou with them. 

Lilou was a stray and arrived out of the blue across the road in 2017 to be fed by the owners along with the others. Although none of the others would come near the owners house, Lilou came over and would sit on the door mat outside their front door, refusing to go anywhere else. Since the owners lived in an apartment block, she was actually becoming a bit of a cause for complaint with the neighbors. The owners - reluctantly at first (and more to avoid any law suits) - allowed Lilou in. She immediately found the highest spot in the apartment and proceeded to stake her claim - constantly defending herself from a not-so-happy Holly (another stray cat taken in by the owners from the street)! In the end both cats grew to accept one - another and Lilou joined the owners little family. When the owners had to leave Greece, they contacted our shelter to take both Lilou and Holly into our facility.


Lilou is a very sweet, gentle kitty. She has super soft fur which she loves to be stroked! She is very calm and relaxed and loves to chill in bed with you watching movies. Being tucked up under a duvet or blanket is also a favourite of Lilou’s! She will make the perfect companion, always by your side to give you cuddles.

Lilou was adopted abroad and in January 2021 she travelled to her forever home.


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