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Jelly Bean (05/2017), Female

Hello everyone, my name is Jelly Bean. I was a member of a lovely family and was born and raised an indoor cat. I have four children. Unfortunately, due to some personal circumstances, our daddy had to leave me and my children all alone. Every second day, a lady came to give fresh water and food, but we really missed him and felt lonely and scared. Our daddy made the decision to bring us all to Let’s Be S.M.A.R.T. shelter, so we can get all the love we deserve and have a chance at finding our forever home!


Due to a genetic condition, which caused fewer bones in my tail, I have a little crook at the end of it. 


I’m a sweet girl who has a hard time falling asleep unless I have a cuddle buddy. I have always been needy, since I was a little kitten. I love kisses and snuggles and will meow at you until you cave in! My favourite things in the world are kisses, cuddles and food. It is a surprise that I’m not twice my size! Give me a treat and I will become your BFF! I am a QUEEN and I like to be in charge. I lived with another male cat who tried to boss me around and I showed him who’s really in charge. I have 4 beautiful girls and an orphaned little one, that I adopted as my own.

I’m extremely trusting with people but also very caring of my little furballs, and to this day I have very good relationships with them.

Jelly Bean was adopted locally and he travelled to his forever home in May 2023.

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