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Tiger (01/2017), Male

Good day everybody! My name is Tiger. I used to live on the streets of Varkiza, but I had some troubles with allergy on fleas, so you can imagine how hard it was for me to be a stray cat. A very kind older human friend who looked after. fed me and loved me very dearly, has decided to help me. He couldn´t keep me, so he found me a foster home in the hope that I will find my loving family and will never ever have to go back on the streets.


I am an exceptional cat, because I looooove humans very much and very often, I prefer cuddles over food. This said, I need some time to adjust and to get to know new people before I show them my belly and ask for some petting and stroking. Sometimes I can get bit stressed, but all you need is to talk to me nicely and I will come to you when I am ready. Once I decide that I like you, I can be carried around like a child or sleep on your lap for a loooong time. I am a big, gentle teddy bear.


I am still adjusting to life indoors, but I have to admit, I do enjoy sleeping on soft fluffy blankets and pillows and my most favorite spot is on the top of the cat tree near window, where I can observe what is going on outside.


I really would like to find a home, where I would have an access to outdoors in a protected area. After all, I used to be outside my whole life and I still like to feel a fresh breeze on my whiskers. I do love sunbathing and sleeping on the grass, observing my surroundings and checking out all pigeons.


If you are interested in a calmer cat who only needs being loved and cared for, don’t look anywhere else, you found the right one.

Tiger was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in October 2022.

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