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Raspberry (06/2021), Female 

Hi there, my name is Raspberry and together with my sisters Blueberry and Strawberry we were the Berry gang. We used to live with our fantastic caring mum Cora in a big yard where we were safe, but when we got little bit older, we started to explore larger areas and started to go on the road. People who looked after our mum observed us at one of their stray feeding stations and started to look after us as well, but when they saw us running on the street and hiding inside car engines, they decided to help us to find some safer place – our forever home.


So now I am here, at Let’s Be S.M.A.R.T. Foster home! And wow, what a cat heaven. Did you know that there are actual cat toys for playing? I didn’t. And have you ever tried those soft fluffy mats on the floor? Oh, I love those! I took over one of them and only my family is allowed to sleep on it.


Food? Where? Ok, I am coming. I really like wet food, like our mum. I am not picky, I used to be a stray kitten after all.


I am a kind and gentle soul, I am curious and love to go on adventures. I am not afraid anymore and have love to be an indoor cat! I like other cats, I am quite social and sometimes I just enjoy to walk around them with my tail held high and greet everybody. I like to observe things and love to spend time on the terrace. I enjoy the fresh breeze on my face and like to sunbath as well. I am very quiet in general, easy going and most of the times people don’t even notice I am around them! I love to be stroked and often sleep on the bed with us humans as well!


I really would love to find my forever home soon where I can enjoy belly rubs and cuddles all day long, as my siblings who have already been adopted! Hope you fell in love with me. Enjoy your day.

Raspberry was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in July 2022. 

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