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Lena (01/2017), Female and Tiny (04/2019), Female

Hello friends, I’m Lena and this is my daughter Tiny, we are LBS’s longest term residents and are eager to find a special new home. I was a neighbourhood stray which gave birth to 6 adorable kittens at the vet clinic on April 13th 2019, after the LBS team took me in as a new mom to give me and my kittens a better chance at life and make sure we were all safe. Most of my kittens have found new homes already, but Tiny and I are looking for home together as we grew a very close bond during kitten hood.


We are both quite shy and timid cats and don’t enjoy being touched or cuddled, we prefer to keep to ourselves but are very happy to spend time with you just within our own comfortable bubble. We both love to spend time outside and Tiny is a wonderful hunter! We would, love a home with a safe outdoor space where we can sunbathe, watch birds, get fresh air and enjoy the refreshing breeze. When we are inside, we like to have a cosy comfortable safe space to spend most of our time, like a little getaway that we can call home within our home. When things are calm and quiet, both Tiny and I like to be out with you, maybe we can all read a book, watch some TV or do crafts together!?


Because of our shy nature, we are looking for a very peaceful place to call home, please no small children or scary other fur family members. We get along with other cats, but prefer to watch from the side lines. Tiny loves to come out for playtime and will partake when she feels comfortable, she told me to tell you that she loves treats and her human friends at the S.M.A.R.T foster home have introduced clicker training to her! She is a very clever girl, so curious and eager to learn. I’m a very proud Momma of my Tiny.


We have been living at the Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T foster home for 2 years now and while we love everything about it, we really want to find our new forever family. Could you be that special someone with a calm and peaceful home we are looking for?

Lena and Tiny were adopted abroad and they travelled to his forever home in October 2023.

Lena - Microchip registration number:


Tiny - Microchip registration number:



Photo gallery - Lena

Photo gallery - Tiny


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