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Charlie (01/2024), Male

Hello people!! My name is Charlie and I have 3 other adorable siblings, Peanut, Woodstock and Snoopy. We were found abandoned in a cardboard box in Oropos, having noone in the world to care for us. We don’t even know what happened to our mom..Thankfully we were rescued by a kind lady, because I am not really sure if we would be able to survive much longer all alone in that dangerous area we used to wonder around. Our rescuer contacted Let’s be smart organisation and we were all placed into a loving rescue centre! 


I am a wonderful boy who is very friendly towards people and children! I like being around other dogs and although I am the most chilled and quieter one, I do get my puppy moments sometimes! I quickly adjusted to the life at the lbs sanctuary but needed a few days to investigate and explore around until I felt 100% comfortable. I love having a hiding spot available if needed where I can relax and enjoy some peace and quiet and my dog house is exactly that!

Playtime is super fun, toys are awesome but the greatest things in the world are your fingers! Super super interesting!! I am a cute little guy who adores his siblings and we very often snuggle and groom each other. Good food is never enough and the best day in the whole world includes laying on the grass and sunbathe, although shade feels great as well! Oh well, what can I say? As long as I am safe and love I am happy everywhere!

I enjoy gentle handling and belly rubs and will politely seek for affection, always checking to not disturb you first.

Although I am a puppy, I am a breezy, laid back, mild baby.. but I will definitely brighten up your life with just a wag of my tail!! 


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