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Smokey (08/2019), Male

My name is Smokey, I’m a very handsome young man! I had a owner, a kind young man, but sadly his circumstances changed and he was no longer able to take care of me.

When I left him and travelled all the way from Thessaloniki to Athens it was super scary. I was confused and missing my owner. After a few days in the shelter I started to realise it wasn’t so bad after all, there was loads of tasty food and humans to give me as many cuddles as I want. I feel happy here now!


I am a big strong boy! I know what I like and don’t like and I’ll always let you know! Even though I was confused when I first arrived at LBS I was confident and exploring immediately. I have to have a good look around and check out my surroundings to be able to relax! Sitting up high makes me feel safe, on top of cabinets, scratching posts as high as I can get.


I love flip flops too! They are so fun to play with! Give me any toy and I’ll always choose the flip flops over them, the humans don’t understand but it makes them laugh! Cuddles are good, but on my terms. I don’t like to be picked up so I would love an owner who respects my boundaries and lets me do my own thing. When I know you I am super loyal and will be your best friend, you’ll have to earn it but it’ll be super rewarding!


I am happy with other cats, but definitely prefer female cats as I like to be the boss of the house. A cat friend who will play when I want but also is independent like me would be perfect!


A family who are calm yet playful every now and then would be amazing, I hope I find them soon! After having an owner I know what that love feels like, and I can’t wait to feel it again.

Smokey was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in May 2023.

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