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Eddy Indigo (07/2022), Male

My name is Eddy, as my new family would like to call me. I was originally named Indigo by my rescuer Ivona who picked the name immediately after she became enchanted by my blue eyes. I was found in the bushes by a busy road next to the Let’s be S.M.A.R.T. shelter. I can’t recall who dumped me there all alone without food or water on a scorching hot day, as I was only about 6 weeks old back then.


I visited a vet right after being found to be screened for contagious diseases, and having negative results for all, I was brought to the shelter. Even though I spent the first 10 days separated in a crate, I was delighted to stay there as it was warm and cozy. I was also receiving regular delicious meals consisting of milk formula and wet kitten paste, which I was happily devouring. I even got some toys to play and cuddle with and received a lot of visits from curious people making weird sounds at the sight of me. One lady named Celine who was also present when I was rescued, was visiting me most frequently and giving me lots of cuddles. I guess she took a liking to me.


A few days later I was tested again by one kind lady working at the shelter and brought to a room that I shared with my rescuer. It was a great feeling to have been finally released from the confines of the crate and be able to run freely. There were so many toys on the floor I didn’t know what to chase first. I was running around for a few minutes, surprised at my own speed. I didn’t even know I could run so fast.


My favorite activity, even to this day is to play with the toys or on my rescuer’s bed, hide behind the pillows, and jump on her. I am always able to surprise her; I guess I just know how to hide well. I also love to jump from the bed on her back when she is bent down and climb on her shoulders. But the best feeling of all is to cuddle up on her chest. I do get tired sometimes though and then fall asleep in some of my favorite places. That’s during the day, because at night I still sleep in my crate. I guess it’s because I’m too active at night for my rescuer to get a good sleep. I like all the soft blankets in the crate though and I purr frequently when lying on them, so I’m quite happy to sleep in there.


I’ve also met two new friends about my age last week. They were brought to my room and did not seem too happy to play with me at first, but I won them over. They no longer hiss and growl at me and we’ve been having a great time chasing each other and playing together. I also like napping with them in the same cat bed.


Although this has been fun, I’m happy to join Celine and my new family in Belgium. All I need is to be loved, have some attention, cuddles and play times and I will be the happiest cat ever. I’m sure I will brighten your lives and bring lots of beautiful memories.


Thank you very much for adopting me; I am very glad I can be yours and have my forever home!

Eddy Indigo was adopted in October 2022.  

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