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Kiki (09/2019)

Kiki came from a cat colony that is now in jeopardy because of a new house to be developed on the land. Kiki and her brother Mr. White (who was recently adopted abroad) had the typical kitty colds. We have made sure Kiki was nursed to health and tested in order to enter into our shelter. She was extremely shy at first, hiding under the bed in her private room. But with great help from one of our volunteers, Sharon, who stayed in the room with her, Kiki came out of her shell and started coming on the bed to play and for petting! Kiki is now gaining more confidence and will soon have lots of new brothers and sisters to play with. 

Kiki is a very sweet young lady. She can be shy to start off with, but when you spend time with her and she gets to know you she is very sweet and loving. She loves to play, especially with feet under a duvet!


Kiki was adopted abroad in July 2020.

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