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Hermes (12/2021), Male 

My name is Hermes. My mum was very young when she gave me and the two of my other siblings a birth. It happened in a yard of one kind lady, who saw that our mum is struggling to look after us and doesn´t have enough milk, so she took us in and helped our mum with extra milk and they raised us together. Now I am a big, strong and very handsome boy. However, the lady could not keep us, so she found me this safe place from where I believe I will find a new home hopefully in no time.


I got to Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T. Foster Home quite recently but I can tell you straight away that I love this place. There are so many amazing cats here, I have made many friends since my arrival. We are playing with each other all days long. Chasing my cat friends is so much fun and the best thing is that when we get tired, we can just cuddle together and go to sleep. Terrace is my favorite place in the house, I could spend hours just chilling outdoor. Our humans keep us company there, they even planted delicious grass just for us and I am absolutely crazy about it.


I really like when the humans have some free time and want to pet me on their lap. I am always helping them to make their beds, it is so much fun to get tangled in all of the sheets. One of the best times of the day is the feeding time. They always give me delicious food and I can not wait for more.  


I really like it here but I dream about finding a permanent home where I can show my new humans all the love that I have and in return, I just would like somebody to care for me and love me.

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