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Beans (4/2022), Male 

My name is Beans, I was found on a Greek island called Mykonos and rescued from the streets by a kind lady who immediately understood i was hurt and wouldn’t survive alone without human intervension. She took me to the vet on the island for clinical examination and xrays. The vet diagnosed broken pelvis and broken back leg/knee and lastly explained to her I could only see some shadows from the one eye. Since I was very young I couldn’t get operated and the vets suggested to just give time until I healed on my own. I am much better now and I walk normally!

I’m a crazy kitten! I am full of energy, very brave and curious! I didn’t have an easy beginning in life so I had to toughen up and be strong! I am truly an adventurer as well!

I love meeting new people, climbing all over them and playing with them! I need a lot of stimulation and playtime! My favorites toys are tunnels where I can run in and toys with bells I can chase!

When I get tired or in the right mood I am cuddly too! I love affection but don’t like being carried around! I love to sit on human’s lap and receive love and strokes! If I don’t like something I will show it! I like wet food but won’t go crazy about it! I adore fluffy, soft beds and I can’t wait until I find my forever home!

Beans was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in October 2022.

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