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Eros (02/2023), Male

Thank you for clicking on my profile and your interest to learn about my story! 


My arrival to the LBS shelter is a bizarre story. I don’t remember a lot about my previous life as my past seems a but vague. But I will share as much as possible. I was always friendly and loved people. In fact I am so kind I was getting bullied by other cats where I used to live. I think that is the reason I was put in a carrier and dropped off outside the organisation’s door. The person who took care of me before, left a note that explained I was seeking for a safe place to live, rang the bell and quickly run away.


The team member that opened the door came across me and immediately was impressed by my beautiful long hair fluffy fur and my sweet look. They took me for some tests and treatments to make sure I am healthy and once I was cleared by the vet they picked me up and drove to the shelter where I currently live. I was named Eros after the greek God of love. 


I am a sweetheart and promise you will fall in love with me the minute you meet me. My soft fluffy fur and my big expressive eyes melt your heart and nobody can resist but cuddle me. All I want is love and cuddles all day long! I am super friendly towards other kitties and my caregivers believe I will be great with children as well. I like to be approached gently and calmly and adjusted quickly to my new surroundings. Although everything is new to me, there are new noises, new potential friends to hang out with, new humans to get to know I didn’t need more time than any other furry friend would need before feeling comfortable. Sometimes if I hear a loud noise or if you are next to me and move suddenly I might get a bit stressed and leave but will quickly come back to you seeking for attention! 

I like to spend quite a few hours on one of the tall cat trees, about eye level to humans and get most of my pets there! I am not only cuddly and adore snuggles, I am also playful and full of joy! I love to run around and play with other cats , especially the younger ones. If none of my play dates is in the mood, I am happy to entertain myself with different kind of toys! I am interested to explore the protected outdoor areas but don’t venture a lot, I prefers to stay inside, stretching my body on a bed or a scratching post. I don’t go crazy for dry biscuits but will definitely try to eat from your food! Hehe!!

People cannot express how lovable and huggable I am. I adore pets and enjoy to be stroked all over my body! My favorite are neck scratches! I am a tender-hearted boy and a funny thing I like is sitting on your lap while you are using the toilet. 

All of the LBS team members, the Volunteers who help at the sanctuary, the Vets and vet assistants at the clinic where I stayed for the tests and treatments have fallen in love with me. I would love to find my forever home and brighten up your life with my personality!!If you are interested in me, fill in my adoption application today!! You will make me extremely happy!

Eros was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in February 2024.

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