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Rachel (6/2023), Female

Hello everyone!! My name is Rachel after the very famous TV series “Friends” and this is my story. I was found with my two sisters on the streets. Actually, LBS team was driving to Agia Marina and spotted a man on the side of the road with two puppies seeking for help. He found us walking around the street near a dumpster. The team decided to take us in and as they were putting us in the car, a third puppy run towards them, my last sister, also looking for some to save her. After taking all of us to the vet for tests we went to the shelter, had a good nice bath and that is how a new chapter in our lives started! 

I am very friendly with my sisters, especially Monica and I love to play with her. I love people and children and once I meet someone I run towards them to greet them properly. I adapted very quickly to the shelter life and although I am happy running around and playing with my sisters I would love to get adopted. I love playtime, I am always up for it and can never have enough! I enjoy playing with my sisters more than being alone and playing with toys!

When I am playing alone though I will always choose a squeaky toy!! During the day I tend to relax in the shade by the house or cuddle with my sisters. 

I am not crazy over food and will prefer to seek for some attention and a few cuddles especially in the morning. Seeking for love is what I do first thing in the morning! I love chewing on anything that can be chewed on such as toys, shoelaces, feet, and the list goes on! 

I love cuddles and adore belly rubs! I will run towards you when I see and rub myself against you. I am happy being carried and don’t mind being in the car either! I am easy going, adjust easily and can fit in any household! 

I am a typical crazy puppy and can’t wait to be part of a family! 

Rachel was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in November 2023.

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