Katia (06/2020)

A lady was taking care of her in a yard of a building in Varkiza. The lady works as a real estate agent and Katia lived in one of the buildings she is responsible of. Unfortunately, one day Katia went missing and appeared a few days later probably hit by a car. The lady met us in Varkiza when we were trying to catch a stray to get sterilized and asked for our opinion and help. We arranged and went to the house to check on Katia. It was obvious that her pelvis was dislocated so we took her immediately to our vets to get some x-rays. Her pelvis is dislocated and she has femoral head fracture as well on one leg. Vets recommended cage rest and new x-rays in 4 weeks and again in 6 weeks. We will know then if we need to go through surgery (femoral head and neck excision).

She is very friendly, gentle and easy going kitten. She loves to be cuddled and petted. She is sweet and beautiful. She seeks for attention and love. She tries to play from the cage with the rest of the cats but unfortunately she needs to stay in the cage and avoid moving for now, she is extremely cute!!

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Sweet Katia 💗



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