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Katia (06/2020)

A lady was taking care of her in a yard of a building in Varkiza. Unfortunately, one day Katja went missing and appeared a few days later probably hit by a car. The lady met us in Varkiza when we were trying to catch a stray to get sterilized and asked for our opinion and help. We arranged a meeting next day and went to check on Katja. It was obvious that there is some dislocation or even fracture on her pelvis or hind legs, so we took her immediately to our veterinarians to get some x-rays. Her pelvis was broken and she had femoral head dislocated on the leg. Veterinarians recommended cage rest for 2 months, which she spent at the Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T Foster Home. After the cage rest, the veterinarians took another set of x-rays and decided that there is no need for another surgery.

This fabulous and sweet little girl was perfect from the very beginning – even to catch her to help her was fairly easy. She was very good and brave at the veterinarian clinic. Though a big part of her kitten hood she had to spend in the cage, she was always full of positive energy and playfulness. She was always looking for any attention she could get and even tried to play with other kittens through the cage. Sometimes she got so excited about small things that she climbed the cage like a little monkey. She really loved to be stroked and cuddled there, she really craved for the human or animal contact.

The moment she got out of her cage, she was the happiest kitten in the world. She was flying like a little bird and played with everything and everybody in her way. All cats in the foster home like her, she is very friendly, outgoing and clever cat. She still likes to be stroked and cuddled, but only when she has time, because more important for her is running around and playing. She is extremely curious and whenever there is some mischief done in the house, she is usually in proximity.

She absolutely adores being outside on the terrace sunbathing or chasing with other cats, or just chill out and watch birds. She would definitely thrive in an active family who would find some time to spend with her and become a part of her enjoyable way of life.


Katja was adopted abroad and in February 2021 she travelled to her forever home.

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